I'm so blessed! I live and work in Northern Nevada, one of the most beautiful spots in the world.  Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Mountains are at my back door.  We are a world and people fascinated with photography.  With selfies, Instagram, Youtube and many other means, we share our stories to the world through our images.  Technology and media have gifted us the ability to access photography readily and inexpensively.  Now more than ever, we have access and control of our photography needs.  So, why and when should you hire a professional? 

Why Hire a Professional?  

Just like any other service industry, you should ask yourself why you need a professional photographer.  Most people choose to hire a professional photographer only a handful of times, usually during major milestones in their lives.  They want an expert for these precious events as there are no “do-overs”.  With a professional, your money should buy you…

Quality: lighting, composition, attention to detail and products

Service: experience, dependable, accessible, professional, and media ready

Knowledge:  market standards, current trends and classic foundations

It is important to maintain high standards, to myself, my clients and to the industry.  I proudly provide all of the above.